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Welcome to SimbaKui Persians!

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Welcome to SimbaKui Persians! We are located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We are striving to produce the “SimbaKui look”, which is a strategic combination of a few different lines. We breed for the colorbred look with very round doming, tiny ears, brilliant green or turquoise eyecolor, huge round eyes, clear white or apricot coat color, full floor length coat factor, and short, snub (but not extreme) noses. We actively show in CFA and we can typically be found at most CFA shows in the mid-Atlantic States. We therefore breed to conform to the show standard, as evidenced by our many rosettes and titles earned in the division. See persian cat lifespan.

The health of our kitties is of utmost importance and all of our kitties have tested negative for PKD, FeLV and FIV. We offer a full health guarantee on all of the kitties that we sell. Please refer to our sales contract on our “nursery” page for full terms and guarantees of our babies.

Do You Have Rodents In Your House?

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Rats and mice are amongst the most problematic and destructive rodents the world over. While most types frolic in the fields and do not enter the house, some types comfortably live with people! Even the most neatly kempt house may have rats or mice hiding away in dark corners or the roof. If you are beset by the rodents’ menace, you should seek an experienced pest control firm in Gold Coast who can clear your home of rodents.

The Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions is a company that helps property owners to eradicate pests from their commercial or residential properties.

Rats and mice do not only cause significant destruction to your possessions, they also ferry diseases which might affect the inhabitants of a house.

If you wish to be certain that the tell-tale signs you have been hearing or seeing are indeed these pestss, the following tips will help you to finally make up your mind to call an experienced pest control firm in Gold Coast who can clear your home of rodents:

  • There are slight differences in the sizes of droppings of the two types of rodents. In the case of a rat’s droppings, you will find things about the size of raisings. Mice have droppings that are almost akin to rice grains in size.
  • Look for signs of gnawing. A hole with edges that appear chewed might be a sure pointer to the existence of one of these rodents. Paper and clothing may appear shredded and food packaging materials are a popular target.
  • If you hear sounds of biting in walls or even up in the attic, you may have the company of rodents!  The scratching sounds are especially rife in the night when the pests hear little activity; which is translated to mean a bit more safety!
  • Go all out and look for pests in the areas where they are most likely to hide. Behind garbage cans, under the dog kennels as well as dark, congested corners are prime areas where these rodents hide. Be prepared to jump, though, as the pests will definitely want to scurry away if found out!
  • Unappealing, musty smells are common in the hiding areas of mice. This is obviously as a result of droppings and urine.

Well, many people try their own methods of exterminating rats and sometimes, they get somewhat positive results. However, after a short while, the rodents can be seen scurrying away, hiding in dark parts of the house. It takes the expertise of an experienced pest control firm in Gold Coast who can clear your home of rodents to deal a painful, lasting blow on these pests.

If left to their own devices, rodents can completely take over your home and infringe on your freedom to store your possessions in carefully designated spots.

The Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions offers prompt, reliable rodent extermination services in the entire area of Gold Coast. Go to or call 0413-943-767 to learn about all the pest eradication services offered by this company.

Pet Care Possibilities: Tips on How to Make your Cat and Dog Get Along

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The saying “fighting like cats and dogs” didn’t come up as an idea of a hoax just for cartoons (Tom and Jerry come into mind). Dogs are regularly territorial and will combat not just new cats but other new dogs as well. They cultivate to celebrate their territory and will attack somebody who invades their span. Cats have the same tendencies and even if they are smaller than dogs, they will abandon and fight for their territory. Aside from trying to get the best pet supplies like dog cooling mat or other equipment, always make sure to prioritize the comfortability of your pets when living together.

dog cooling mat

Coexisting Peacefully: Steps on How to Get your Cat and Dog Live in Harmony

Most pet lovers who have both a cat and dog have a hard time making their pets coexist with one another. The everyday reaction to this is separating the two pets and making sure they won’t fight. This is not sincerely a workable solution to this snag as both pets tend to wander around the house and there will come a time when they will collide. This would trigger a lot of wasted time if you have to allocate twofold the time for playing with your pets. Another reaction would be to impound both pets but this practice is frowned upon by most pet lovers. The best thing to do is to prepare the cat and dog to coexist peacefully. In this item is a chain of steps to sentence harmony between cats and dogs.

The Introduction

Perhaps the hardest thing for pet lovers to do is the introduction. Both cats and dogs take up to 30 years to adjust. It is even longer if you have an adult pet, but with modest retraining, you can lecture your old dogs and cats new tricks. Click here Sicarro

The Agreement

The first stride is agreement. This is vital especially for the dog which is mostly the provoker in this kind of spot. You have to tutor your dog to obey when you say “no.” This could be done by viewing him some handle and every time he looks at it you say “no” you impede him from ingesting it. Do this every day and reward him every time he obeys.

Smelling Each Other Simultaneously

While doing this with your dog, ensure the cat and dog are separate from one another, allowing your cat to wander around the house. Cats love to journey and this will make her trail scattered around your home. After this, place your cat in one room and let your dog wander around the house sniffing for the cat’s scent. This will make your dog acquainted to your cats smell and instruct the dog that the cat is part of the household.

Seeing Each Other

Once you’ve done this for about a week, it’s time for them to see one another physically. This part requires that you have somebody to help you. Have someone who can hold your cat securely and that knows how to respond quickly and get your cat to its shelter if the dog is showing aggressiveness. Your part is to be able to restrain your dog and making sure that if he starts lunging for your cat, you’ll be there to prevent him.

Barking Control

Dogs mostly begin barking when they see some other animals in their territory, eager to scare them away. They won’t actually pounce at something immediately. Once he starts barking, this is where the respect part starts to come in. Say “no” and make him realize that the cat is also a pet. If your dog starts to calm down when in the aura of the cat, then it’s the time to let him sniff the cat. Once your dog starts to choose not to bark at your cat you know that you’ve done the introduction part successfully.

For a better reward, you can buy your dog a dog cooling mat or any cooling dog bed from pet care suppliers in your locality. You can get this cooling dog bed from siccaro and other selections by checking their website

Final Step: Coexisting

The final movement is making effective that both pets have the time to coexist. This part is usually the cat’s liability. Cats have the leaning to be remote and remain away from the dog and other people. It’s not because they are scared of the dog but more because it’s their life to be left alone. Be sure that your dog sees your cat as regularly as workable.

You can allocate sometime nightly where you can do some activities with both your cat and dog. This will permit them to play with one another and you’ll have the confidence that they won’t begin fighting when they’re unsupervised. For more information on pet care essentials like dog cooling mat, cat toys, and other pet care equipment, go to reliable online resources like

Why Should You Hire a Professional Dog Walker?

Why Should You Hire a Professional Dog Walker?

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Choosing a dog walker for your pet is important. However, you need to adapt an open mind when choosing the right walker. You should always consider every option you encounter and diligently screen through each option. But when all else fails, you should entrust your pet only to a professional dog walker such as those from If you are adamant about hiring random dog walkers via classified ads online, you have every right to be. There are a lot of people out there whose only goal is to make a few extra bucks. However, they do not have the experience or expertise to look after your dogs during a walking exercise. It might seem like a simple job that anyone can do, yet it is anything but. As a dog owner, you must strive for a balance between finding an affordable service that can guarantee your peace of mind. As a pet owner, your dog is like your child. Just as you would thoroughly screen your babysitter, you should also use the same approach with your pet dog. You must be thorough when choosing a dog sitter and dog walking service for the safety of your pet. One other concern among pet owners is the lack of proper regulation in this industry. In fact, the industry is only lightly, if at all, regulated. Choosing to work with professional dog walking services like Salty Dawg at is not easy either. It is easy for someone to claim that they have the experience to train and walk a dog. But how do you ensure that they have the skills and expertise? You can start with the following tips:
  • Ask for insurance. A professional dog walking service should carry adequate insurance when offering dog walking services. Make sure that the dog walkers are insured and bonded for your own pet’s protection. In addition, they must have a first aid kit for pets on hand. This is to ensure that the dogs are treated immediately in case of injury.
  • A professional dog walker must also have proof of dog training course completion. You will learn a lot of training tactics to dealing with different kinds of dog behavior through this training. This is a crucial skill to have in case a dog misbehaves during a walk or showing signs of disobedience.
  • Check out their walking route. The route employed by dog walkers can vary depending on the requirements of the dog. It is, therefore, important that you check the proposed route before assigning care to your pet to the dog walker. It is also imperative that they have the right gear such as a leash to keep your dog in control. If you have issues with group walk, let it be known beforehand especially since some walkers like to do group walks.
Still can’t find the right dog walker for your pet? Visit, which is the leading dog walking service in North Sydney. Aside from dog walking services, they also offer dog training to promote proper behavior of your pets.
Benefits for Hiring Dog Walking Services in Brisbane

Benefits for Hiring Dog Walking Services in Brisbane

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Do you have practically zero time for your dog? With almost 4.8 million canines accounted for in Australia last 2016, you are not alone in this dilemma. To save you from all the heartache and guilt, the Brisbane dog walking services are more than willing to assist you in improving your dog’s quality of life.

So, even if you do not have much time to walk your pet yourself, you can find someone else to do it. Hire dog walkers on the Gold Coast through service providers, like Spot the Dog Walker in Brisbane. As a matter of fact, hiring professional pet sitters and walkers is the best option for busy pet owners. Read on to learn the advantages.


Much the same as you, canines have needs too. One of these is a steady exercise routine. When your pet gets the chance to stroll regularly, it will potentially have a long and full life. As indicated by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 54 per cent of canines in the Unified States are considered obese. Thus, demonstrating a high frequency of carelessness and negligence in pet ownership.

Therefore, be a responsible pet owner and keep your dog’s health and wellness in mind always. Just by hiring Brisbane dog walking services, you can prevent a wide range of health issues.


Walking does not just make your canine sound in mind and health. It also fortifies the majority of its mental and physical faculties including auditory and olfactory capacities. When you keep your puppy inside throughout the day, this weakens its capacity to distinguish a variety of smells and even diminishes its brain function. Subsequently, this makes your dog lethargic and less dynamic.

Nonetheless, when you bring it outside often, you allow it to smell, hear, and feel new things. Thus, stimulating its senses.

On the other hand, this enables your pooch to get comfortable with strangers and other pets. When it does, it will turn out less aggressive because of proper socialisation. It is recommended that you start doing this whilst your dog is yet a puppy.

Now if you do have a day job and you cannot do this, hire the dog walking services Gold Coast has been preferring instead. This will surely improve your pup’s socialising aptitudes. Take a look at Spot The Dog Walker


Since your pooch socialises with other pet owners and their pets, this will surely enhance its behavioural skills. Then again, with regular walking trips of just 20 minutes, your playful pup will spend its energy positively without wrecking your home. You will be surprised how it becomes calmer and well-behaved. You will never again need to manage a hyperactive puppy since it is less inclined to bite, gnaw, and yelp.


With a Brisbane dog walking professional, you will never again need to stress over your canine’s wellbeing. What’s more, regardless of whether you are working late, you will have the affirmation that your canine will have its standard routine exercise.


Since you need to adjust your opportunity amongst work and life, you may have no time left to walk your canine. As specified previously, it is imperative for your dog to have regular outdoor strolls even when you are preoccupied. You may do this before or after work but doing this will drain you of your energy. Save time by hiring pet walkers especially if you are living alone.

Conclusively, hiring people to walk your dog is a win-win decision. Your pet stays in perfectly great health and you can spend the rest of your day on other important things. On the flip side though, if you are an animal lover and you would love to find dog walker jobs. You can just check out service providers across Brisbane. For more details, visit us at