Do You Have Rodents In Your House?

Rats and mice are amongst the most problematic and destructive rodents the world over. While most types frolic in the fields and do not enter the house, some types comfortably live with people! Even the most neatly kempt house may have rats or mice hiding away in dark corners or the roof. If you are beset by the rodents’ menace, you should seek an experienced pest control firm in Gold Coast who can clear your home of rodents.

The Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions is a company that helps property owners to eradicate pests from their commercial or residential properties.

Rats and mice do not only cause significant destruction to your possessions, they also ferry diseases which might affect the inhabitants of a house.

If you wish to be certain that the tell-tale signs you have been hearing or seeing are indeed these pestss, the following tips will help you to finally make up your mind to call an experienced pest control firm in Gold Coast who can clear your home of rodents:

  • There are slight differences in the sizes of droppings of the two types of rodents. In the case of a rat’s droppings, you will find things about the size of raisings. Mice have droppings that are almost akin to rice grains in size.
  • Look for signs of gnawing. A hole with edges that appear chewed might be a sure pointer to the existence of one of these rodents. Paper and clothing may appear shredded and food packaging materials are a popular target.
  • If you hear sounds of biting in walls or even up in the attic, you may have the company of rodents!  The scratching sounds are especially rife in the night when the pests hear little activity; which is translated to mean a bit more safety!
  • Go all out and look for pests in the areas where they are most likely to hide. Behind garbage cans, under the dog kennels as well as dark, congested corners are prime areas where these rodents hide. Be prepared to jump, though, as the pests will definitely want to scurry away if found out!
  • Unappealing, musty smells are common in the hiding areas of mice. This is obviously as a result of droppings and urine.

Well, many people try their own methods of exterminating rats and sometimes, they get somewhat positive results. However, after a short while, the rodents can be seen scurrying away, hiding in dark parts of the house. It takes the expertise of an experienced pest control firm in Gold Coast who can clear your home of rodents to deal a painful, lasting blow on these pests.

If left to their own devices, rodents can completely take over your home and infringe on your freedom to store your possessions in carefully designated spots.

The Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions offers prompt, reliable rodent extermination services in the entire area of Gold Coast. Go to or call 0413-943-767 to learn about all the pest eradication services offered by this company.